Sired by the great Camluck himself, son of the legendary Cam Fella, Illusionist was born and bred in Ontario. Since 2014, she has taken her rightful place as matriarch of the barn. In 2015, Illusionist moved from Millgrove to Moffat, Ontario, along with the others in our herd to a new Hillsborough Stables. Affectionately known as “The farm that Lusi built,” she still kicks stall walls, runs her teeth along the boards and pins ears now and then. Out in the paddock with the other mares, her gaze is often distant. Standing at the fence line with her head high, she watches the new foals. The cheeky beasts speed around, legs flying in all directions. Depending upon the time of year, and capacity at the farm, Illusionist moves around from one stall to another, all the while keeping a keen eye on the humans and horses at the farm.