The Bounty of Illusionist (2017)



About the Book

Illusionist, a champion Standardbred racehorse, made headlines in the Toronto Star and Trot magazine in retirement. During her six-year, 140-race career, “Lusi” earned over a million dollars and set numerous track records. In that time, her indomitable spirit also earned her the love and admiration of her owners, Dave and Renata Lumsden. It was as a broodmare, however, that Illusionist would face her biggest challenge and make front-page news.

Lusi’s health came into serious jeopardy very late during her third pregnancy, and her owners were faced with a terrible choice. If they acted in the best interest of their beloved mare it would be at the cost of the foal. Likewise, to safeguard the foal, would almost certainly cost them Illusionist.

On January 10, 2014, Illusionist underwent a Caesarean section a full two weeks short of term—and the prognosis was chilling. Even with the procedure, Lusi’s chance of survival was no better than a coin toss, and the premature foal’s was pegged at one-in-twenty.

The Bounty of Illusionist is a heartfelt ode to the bond between a champion racehorse and the couple who loved and believed in her. It is an official ‘Canada Book Awards’ winner.

About the Author

Renata Lumsden became acquainted with her first horse in 2004, when she went from a harness racing spectator to a harness racehorse owner. Since then, she has seen more than two dozen spirited equines come through the barn. Renata owns a horse farm in Moffat, Ontario, and currently lives with her husband Dave and their two cats in Ancaster, Ontario. The Bounty of Illusionist is her first book.


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