Magical Aoine, a.k.a Friday

In 2021, Mach Magic surprised us with a colt. Sired by Betterthancheddar, Magical Aoine, came into the world on Good Friday. The name, Aoine, is pronounced EEENuh and means Friday in Irish, Gaelic.

Born with a distinctive squiggly blaze down the middle of his nose, Friday (as he’s called in the barn) landed on the operating table within five hours of his arrival on earth. A noticeable hernia prompted the emergency procedure. Surgery went well and mother and son soon returned to Hillsborough Stable.

Once weaned, Magical Aoine spent many days and nights with other colts his age. Together they enjoyed time in the paddock and occasionally they tussled for supremacy. Friday was able to hold his own, and then some. In the fall of 2022, Magical Aoine will have an opportunity to show off any other differences, besides his uncommon blaze, when he moves over to the trainer.