She's Magic

Bred to He’s Watching in 2016, Lido Magic gave birth to a filly in February 2017 named Shes Magic. We called her Sheshe in the stable. The filly’s sculpted, starless face and strong neck sat above a more than solid body, and she had two short white socks on both left legs. Lido and Shes Magic seemed to thoroughly enjoy mare-and-foal time together. 

As a two-year-old, Shes Magic went off to the trainer. Shes Magic notched 16 starts for us with five top-three finishes, including two victories, both at Grand River Raceway. From June of 2019 to September of 2020, Shes Magic made us proud racing on the circuit. Her final race with us took place at Grand River Raceway, and she won. Dave was there to meet the new owners and send Shes Magic off with hugs, and kisses. Selling the first daughter of Lido Magic was tough. My tears continued that night until Dave returned home. Shes Magic has since changed hands and moved to race in PEI. Her name still sounds special when bellowed from loudspeakers. As of September 2022 the filly has seen 58 racing starts, 7 wins, and lifetime earnings worth $37,888. She will always be our baby.