Pan and Shorty

Are You Pan Enough, a red bay gelding and son of Artsplace, came to us in 2004. Are You Pan Enough was king of the half-mile track. He won nearly 50 races in his career, missing the mark by two at 48 wins.

Where handsome Pan was intelligent, with an athletic superiority that required more than a modicum of respect, Shorty Bones was a less showy brown bay with an easygoing manner. Shorty was curious and friendly—enough to warrant careful supervision. He shredded everything within grabbing distance: shoes, lunch bags, and winter coats. He came to us as a five-year-old. Both Shorty and Pan performed their best on the racetrack with Dave behind them as owner.

In 2014, Are You Pan Enough and Shorty Bones returned to Hillsborough Stables. Sometimes the geldings shuffle around based on capacity at the farm, but they are never stalled too far apart. Every morning they share paddock time, where they keep a close eye on farm happenings.